TCV: Gephel Jangchup Ling

Namgyal monk students at TCV school

Gephel Jangchup Ling (Namgyal boarding home at TCV school) is a part of Namgyal Tantric College, which is more commonly known as Namgyal Monastery, registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI 1860

In 2000, a group of young Namgyal monk students, who were under the age of fifteen, were selected from the monastery by following the instruction of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and were sent to T.C.V school TCV school in view of receiving basic modern education. The first ever boarding home for Sangha was founded at the school by the grace of His Holiness and the home was named personally by him as Gephel Jangchup Ling with his benevolent blessings. The administrator of the school has been kind enough to provide the necessities along with a separate boarding home for our monk students. The students were put into a respective classes based on their qualification and age. One of the monastery’s senior monks, Ven. Thupten Woeser was appointed as the first administrator of the home for the period of one year, with the responsibility of looking after the monk students along with one of the school’s foster parents, who was appointed especially from the school. The monk students attend their daily classes not with school lay uniform, but with monk’s dress of maroon robes.

Over the years, two of the monk students have graduated class twelve and another ten monks have finished their tenth class and now they have returned back to the monastery to continue their monastic studies on Buddhist philosophy and other ritual curriculums of the monastery.

At the present, we have fifty young monk students at our T.C.V home, out of which, thirty three of them are boarding student and the remaining are day scholar. The present administrator of the home is Ven. Lobsang Khedrup, one of our graduated senior monks. The monastery takes full responsibility of the student’s school fee, as well as providing their daily necessities.

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