There is a special one-week puja each month. See the descriptions of rituals to know more about them.
Dates of pujas are regular in the Tibetan lunar calendar; however the western date would change yearly.

Annual Guhyasamaja Ritual Ceremony 2016.

This year the annual Guhyasamaja ritual ceremony of Namgyal Monastery was began on 14th of May with ground ritual, followed by construction of colored sand mandala for three days. The ceremony is headed by the monastery’s ritual master Ven. Lobsang Tender…Read more

Annual Kalachakra Ritual Ceremony 2016

This year the annual Kalachakra ritual ceremony of Namgyal Monastery
was begun on 11th April with three days ground ritual puja (Sa-chok)
headed by the monastery’s abbot Ven. Thamthok Rinpoche…Read more


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