Memorization is a key component of the curriculum of Namgyal Monastery, as monks memorize entire volumes of text during the course of their education. Memorization is an intricate part of the Tantric Ceremonies held throughout the year at Namgyal Monastery, as all monks participating in these rituals must have the entire text of the Ritual memorized.

It is compulsory for all Namgyal monks to memorize the following ritual tantric text and need to give the oral test to the monastery’s ritual committee. Once a monk finishes memorizing the entire volumes of the text after passing the oral recitation examination, one is then enroll as a proper monk of the monastery and will receive one’s seniority roll number.

The monk students of the monastery spend at least 5 to 6 hours each day with their memorizing and rest of day; they attend the daily classes on Buddhist philosophy and other language classes. This is a common thread, though, to all Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries as memorization is a universal to this form of Buddhist education. The monastery’s memorizing text include; the full text of Kalachakra tantra, Guhyasamaja, Chakrasamvara, Yamantaka, Vajrabhairava and other major collection text of protector deities, including offering to guardian (Skang-gso).

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