Cultivating interest in receiving the initiation and examination of the dreams.

Thinking ‘Just as an Udumbara flower is extremely difficult to find, so it rare for a Buddha to manifest and yet rarer still to meet with his teachings’, generate a great sense of joy thinking, ‘Having met with the secret teachings, I have become a fit vessel for achieving ultimate unsurpassable bliss’. The meaning of this is revealed by the line, ‘If I stay in the womb… and the Buddhas is in the world… and so forth’. The master explains the meaning accordingly and the disciples are instructed to generate great joy.

Actually Granting Initiation through Entry into the Mandala.
This has three parts: Granting initiation according to the pattern of childhood; granting the higher initiations, and the initiation of a vajra master.

Granting initiations according to the pattern of childhood
This also has three parts: The rites of the seven initiations; understating the time of attainment; and instructions to abandon the root infractions.

The rites of the seven initiations
First common supplication for all seven initiations is made along with clearing away inauspiciousness. The seven initiations are granted individually.

Making the common supplication
First, the disciples offer a mandala to the lama Kalachakra in order to receive the initiations according to the pattern of childhood. The meaning of the words of supplication is, ‘As the lama Vajradhara has granted the initiation of the supreme wisdom, today grant such initiation to me and liberate me from all disturbing emotions’, – reflecting on the meaning of this the disciples repeat it three times.