Conduct Initiation

Again circumambulating to the right the disciples are led to eastern door and placed on the initiation seat. A mandala is offered to the lama inseparable from the vajra mind of Kalachakra in order to receive the conduct initiation that clears away defilement from the sense powers and objects. The disciples should make the mantra supplication three times, mindful of what it means. ‘Please may all Bodhisattvas with their consort grant me the vajra conduct of thoroughly enjoying all desires at all times’. The disciples are now generated into vajra mind deities and granted the internal initiation. Objects of the disciples’ senses and the initiation substance, which is the vajra thumb ring, are generated into Bodhisattva and their consorts. This should be visualized according to the rite.

The meaning of the initiation and what is purifies
The initiation corresponds to the child’s enjoying the five attributes of the desire realm. Just as the object of the sense powers are generated into deities and blessed, the disciples are authorised to achieve the feats of the male and female. Bodhisattvas and enjoy the attributes of the desire reals by understanding their nature, which is bliss and emptiness. It also gives the capacity to achieve the vajra sense powers and their sources, as well as attain the fifth ground as its result