The Crown Initiation

First offer a mandala to the lama is order to receive the crown initiation that cleanses the defilement of the five aggregates. Make the mantra supplication three times saying the syllables of the five Buddhas, requesting that all the Buddhas bind the crowns, in the nature of the five Buddhas, upon the heads of the disciples. Then the vajra maser clears away any obstacles present in the disciples or the crown with water from the conch.
The disciples’ five aggregates and the initiation substance, the crown itself, are transformed into emptiness. From within emptiness, the disciples’ aggregates of consciousness and the green crown Ah, transform into vajras from which are generated green Akshobhyas. The disciples aggregates of compositional factors and the black crown E, transform into swords from which are aggregated black Amoghasiddhis. The disciples aggregates of feelings and the red crown Ri, transform into jewels from which are generated red Ratnasambhavas. The disciples’ aggregates of discrimination and the white crown U, transform into white lotuses from which are generated white Amitabhas. The disciples aggregates of from and the yellow crown lam transform into wheels, from which are generated yellow Vairochanas. These are generated with appropriate symbols in their hand and both males and female partners appear in their respective colors. They become of one taste with their respective commitment beings.
The mothers grant the initiation to the deities of the initiation substance. These are respectively impressed with a seal by Vajrasattva, Amoghasiddhi, Ratnasambhava, Amitabha and Vairochana. Offerings of perfume and so forth are made. The male and female deities are absorbed, melted by fire of desire, and become the crown, the initiation substance. Light rays from the HUM at the heart of the lama inseparable from the principal deity invite the initiation deities such as male and female Buddhas with their sons and daughters, who fill the expanse of space. Again making offerings of perfume and so forth, the disciples make supplication. The male and female Buddhas in the space in front generate the intention to grant the initiation, Bodhisattvas recite verses of auspiciousness, Rupavajra and so forth make offering and a rain of flowers falls and male and female wrathful protectors dispel obstructions. The five Buddhas who reside in the mandala are about to grant the initiation holding the crowns
Then the vajra master holding the crown in his hand touches the disciples the initiation a water initiation is given and the initiation deities dissolve (into the disciples). Offerings are made to the disciples.

The meaning of the initiation and what it purifies
This corresponds to fastening a child’s hair on top of its head; it cleanses the defilements of the five aggregates. It authorizes disciples to achieve feats by way of the five Buddhas and leaves potencies of the five Buddhas in their mental continuums and gives the power to attain the second ground as it result.
(The purification on these two initiations. First, as the aggregates are initially formed in the womb, the two initiations in the sector of the northern face of the exalted body, cleanse physical defilements and establish the seed of the Vajra body in order to establish potencies, such that the impure constituents and aggregates, which are factors of the disciples own bodies, are cleansed of defilements as entities of the male and female Buddhas. These two initiations authorize disciples to achieve the feat of a vajra body)