The name Initiation

A mandala is offered to the lama in order to receive the name initiation that cleanses the faculty of action as well as activities. The disciples should make the mantra supplication three times mindful of what it means. ‘May all the wrathful kings and their consorts grant me the name preceding the vajra, which has the nature of entirely equal love, compassion, joy and equanimity.
Form generating the disciples’ action faculties and the initiation substance into wrathful deities with their consort up to the appended water ritual should be visualized according to the text of the ritual.
The lama puts on the outer religious robe, stands up in the manner of One Gone. Thus making pronouncement and holding the gesture of making a pronouncement. He name the disciples according to the lineage determined earlier by the falling of the flower.

The meaning of the initiation and what is purifies
Receiving this initiation corresponds to the naming of a child. By clearing away the ordinary given name, it clears away the defilements (leading to) birth in the lower realms.
It cleanses the action faculties and their activities and authorize disciples to achieve feats of the male and female wrathful deities and grants the capacity to overcome the four hindrances the four immeasurable wishes and attain the sixth ground.