The permission initiation and the appendages

This section has two parts, the actual initiation and the appendages to it. Again circumambulating to the right the disciples come to the northern door and are placed on the initiation seat.
A mandala is offered to the lam inseparable from the vajra pristine consciousness of Kalachakra, in order to receive the permission initiation that cleanses the pristine consciousness. Disciples should make the mantra supplication three times, mindful of its meaning. ‘Please may wisdom and method symbolized by the lotus and vajra grant me the exalted wisdom of the vajra bliss of the lord of the mandala’. The disciples should visualize according to the ritual text that they are generated into vajra pristine consciousness deities. Disciples and hand symbols are generated serially into Vajrasattvas and consorts.
The initiation is given by the Vajrasattvas and consorts residing in the mandala through holding hand symbols which are the initiation substances. Then the five hand symbols vajra sword, jewel, lotus and conch shell, are placed in the disciples’ hands in order to tame beings.
A water initiation is given as an appendage to the initiation. Offerings are made to the disciples. Then a wheel is placed in front of them, a conch shell in their right hand, a scripture is placed between the two hands, a bell is placed in their left hand and the disciples are told to right it and repeat these two verses after the lama, ‘Everything has the nature of space…’. Then imagining that they are prostrating to the lama they should say. ‘As the sovereign say I will do’, that is they pledge to behaves as disciples.

The Appendages
This section has two parts, the four branch appendages, giving mantra, eye medicine, mirror and bow arrow and, the main appendage, giving the master’s initiation.

Giving mantra
The lama petitions the Buddha saying. ‘O Supramundane Victors, I will grant it, please take heed of this’. The disciples say, ‘I will assume it please take heed of me’.
The disciples should repeat the essence, close essence and root mantra three times, visualizing according to the ritual text. This is the permission of the mantras for eliminating obstructions, achieving feats through ultimate mantra

Giving eye medicine
The vajra master gives eye medicine mixed with butter and honey on a golden spoon from a gold or silver vessel and applies it to the disciples’ eyes. They should think that the black PRAMs in the eyes are removed with the point off the spoon and that their eyes have been opened. They should think that they are now freed of the demons of ignorance and the eye of exalted wisdom has been opened.

Giving the mirror
Knowing that in general all phenomena are like reflections in a mirror and that in particular the Kalachakra residing in their hearts is like a reflecting in a mirror, the disciples should understand that Kalachakra’s blessings, as well as the very subtle wind and very subtle mind of clear light into which the blessing enters, which is the creator at all appearing and occurring phenomena, are without inherent existence like reflection in a mirror. The disciples should visualize according to the lama’s ritual text that they are given a bow and arrow as a means of opening their mental continuums so that realizations will be generated quickly. As the lama makes the gesture of shooting arrows in the four directions as well as above and below, they should repeat the mantra after him. Recalling the meaning of the mantra all the Buddhas is pleased.

Giving the Master’s Initiation.
This is the main appendage and has two parts, the actual master’s initiation and indicating the phenomena to be purified.