The Silk Ribbon Initiation

Again the vajra master leads the disciples by the vajra in his hand, circumambulating the mandala to the right to the southern doors, where he places the initiation seat.
A mandala is offered to the lama inseparable from the vajra speech of Kalachakra in order to receive the silk ribbon initiation that cleanses the defilements of the ten winds. The disciples make the mantra supplication three times mindful of its meaning. ‘May the ten goddesses of the perfections tie the silk ribbon on me.’ The disciples are generated into the Vajra speech of Kalachakra and granted the inner initiation. They should visualize according to lama’s explanation that the ten winds and the silk ribbons are generated into the ten consorts.
The vajra master touches the disciples ‘five place with the silk ribbon and then affixes it to their brows, by the power of which nectar descends, cleansing all defilements of the ten winds. The disciples should imagine that they have now generated great bliss and emptiness, which is the nature of the silk ribbon initiation.

The meaning of the silk ribbon initiation
This corresponds to the piercing of a child’s ear and putting on ornaments. It clears away the defilements of the ten winds and makes them serviceable. It leaves potencies for the ten perfections in the disciples’ continuums and grants them the ability to attain the third ground as its result.