The Vajra and Bell initiation

The disciple make and mandala offering in order to receive the initiation of the vajra and bell. ‘Please may Vajrasattva together with his wisdom-consort grant the vajra and bell initiation, that has the nature of consciousness and exalted wisdom and the essence of compassion and wisdom, (and place them) in my right and other hands’ . The disciples make the mantra supplication while recalling what it means. They should imagine that their right and left channels are generated into the principal deity and his consort.

The meaning of the initiation and what is purifies
This corresponds, to a child’s laughing and talking. It clears away the defilements of the right and left channels. It laves potencies for binding the winds of the right and left channels in the central channel and establishes seeds for the exalted mind, the great bliss and exalted speech in all forms. It also bestows the capacity to purify the internal sun and moon and to attain the fourth ground.