The Water Initiation

The lama holding a vajra in his right hand leads the disciples by the left hand and circumambulating they come to the northern gate. The disciples sit on the initiation seat; they offer a mandala to the lama inseparable from the vajra body of Kalachakra to purify the body. They make a supplication to the lama to give the initiations through the ten seed syllable of the ten vases, the five seed syllable of the five Mothers and the five VajraSkyfarers and the vajra vase filled with nectar. The disciples should repeat the supplication three times while reflecting on its meaning.
By singing the action mantra and sprinkling water from the conch obstructions are eliminated.
The disciples are drawn into the mouth of the lama in the form of the principal deity Vajra Body. Passing through his body and melting into drops, they are generated into the deity Vajra Body with consort. The wisdom being dissolves into them. The disciples should imagine that all the male and female Buddha s and Bodhisattvas are invited, melt and enter the body of the lama and thereby grant the initiation of the mind of enlightenment. By receiving this initiation of the mind of enlightenment the disciples generate the entity of the internal initiation in their mental continuums.
The lam Vajra Body’s generating the disciples in the womb into Vajra body makes them inseparable from the wisdom being. Initiation them by the mind of enlightenment, the melting of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, cleanses the aggregates and constituents, leaving for the antidotes to them (ordinary physical aggregates and constituents). This initiation corresponds to the accomplishments of the physical aggregate and constituents by emerging from the womb.
Water from the conch purifies the disciple’s constituents, space, air water, fire and earth. The water, the cleansing substance and the internal constituents, are generated into the commitment beings, the five mothers, who are themselves the factors for purifying the five constituents. By dissolves into them and becoming inseparable from them, the wisdom beings confer the initiation and impress the seal (of the lineage) on the disciples, who are now inseparable from the water in the vases.