Distributing kusha grass and protection cords

The two pieces of kusha grass should be fresh. The long and short pieces of grass are of the nature of pristine awareness and on the conventional level represent clear dreams. The disciples should imagine the kusha grass as having the quality of producing undistorted thoughts. The longer kusha grass is to be place under the mattress and the shorter under the pillow. These two pieces of kusha grass should be received with folded hands. Since kusha grass is a purifying substance, through the power of mantras and seed syllables said over it, it purifies inauspicious dreams, performs the activity of removing distorted conceptions, brings clarity to the minds of disciples and has the potential to induce clear dreams indicating whether or not some has the propensity to receive the initiation.

Distributing protection cords
The protection cord is a string of three red colored threads measuring the horizontal and vertical span of a disciple’s body and twisted together: The cord has three knots representing the nature of vajra body, speech and mind and is blessing by their mantras and meditation. Therefore, the cord has power to protect disciples from obstacles. It should be tied around either of the disciples’ upper arms, while the master recites the mantra.

Visualizing the six syllables and invoking Vajrasattva
Here, the disciples visualizes the six syllables OM AH HUM HOH HAM KSHA at their forehead, throat, heart, navel, crown and the secret organ, while the respective mantras are recited at each stage. Vajrasattva is invoked, the disciples receive the triples blessing of body, speech and minds and the supreme feat is bestowed upon them.