Dropping the tooth stick and distributing blessed water

The tooth stick should come from a sappy tree and should measure twelve finger-widths in length. It should be adorned by a flower at its tip. The master gives such as stick to a disciple who stands facing the eastern side of a mandala. The disciple is then instructed to drop the stick onto a square mandala board measuring four cubits, the surface of which has been polished with the five products of cow, namely; urine, dung, milk, butter and curd collected before they had fallen to the ground. If the stick stands erect it symbolizes the attainment the feat to a knowledge holder; if it falls towards the master the attainment of supreme feats; if it is upside down it symbolizes the attainment of the feat of invisibility; it if points to the east, peace; if to the north, increase; if to the west power; if to the south, force; and if it falls out of the mandala it symbolizes the attainment of no feats whatsoever.

Giving water in the cupped palm to rinse the mouth.
Scented water, blessed through the power of meditation should be seen as of the nature of the wisdom of bliss and emptiness, although it form is simply water. The master then pours it into the disciples’ cupped left hand while he chants mantras. The disciples should sip this water three times, thinking that having down so the water filled with wisdom has completely flushed away all their negativities and conceptual propensities, and that they are thoroughly purified.