Setting a proper motivation and bestowing the inner initiation

Setting the motivation involves the disciples purifying themselves by taking a bath symbolized by sipping a handful of water and offering prostrations. The master performs a ceremony of sending out a ritual cake, which symbolizes dispelling any obstructions to the initiation. The disciples then make a mandala offering holding flowers in their hand clasped at their hearts and set their motivation, thinking. May I attain the state of a Buddha for the sake of all sentient beings, and forsake any wish to achieve Buddhahood in order to achieve pleasure in this or future lives for their own benefit.
The manner of generating this wish is explained by the master’s citing a verse – The secret mantra etc… at which point the disciples should cultivate a proper motivation. The bestowal of the inner initiation concerns the master’s visualizing himself in the form of Kalachakra deity in union with his consort and drawing the disciples in through his mouth, placing them in the lotus of the consort and then granting them initiation. The purpose of bestowing the inner initiation is to symbolize the vajra master’s appointing a spiritual heir amongst his follower just as a king would appoint someone from his own family to be his regent.