Butter Sculpture of Heruka(Chakrasambara) puja

Butter Sculpture of Heruka(Chakrasambara) puja.

“The Sanskrit term `Heruka’ is composed of the three syllables, `He’, `ru’, and `ka’. `He’ teaches the emptiness of phenomena in general, and `ru’ the emptiness of persons in particular; together they reveal the emptiness of all phenomena. `Ka’ refers to the union of Heruka’s mind of great bliss and the emptiness of all phenomena. This union is Heruka’s Truth Body. An I, or self, imputed on this Truth Body is definitive Heruka, the real nature of Buddha Heruka. This can only be seen by Buddhas.

Another term for Heruka is ‘Chakrasambara’. ‘Chakra’ means `wheel’, and in this context refers to the `wheel’ of all phenomena. `Sambara’ means the supreme bliss, which is called `spontaneous great bliss’. Together `Chakra’ and `sambara’ reveal that by practising Heruka Tantra we gain a profound realization that experiences all phenomena as one nature with our mind of great bliss. This realization directly removes subtle dualistic appearances from our mind, and due to this we quickly become definitive Heruka.